Top Five Rock Musical Movies

Those who have been reading for awhile will know my favourite genre of music is rock, and that I sometimes talk about movies here. Sometimes the lines between these two gets blurred, and you end up with these stellar films: Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody is the most recent release on this list. The biopic tells… Continue reading Top Five Rock Musical Movies

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Girls who rock

I saw a post recently about a bar that supposedly banned female fronted bands because "girls can't sing rock music" and it infuriated me. As a girl who likes rock music, my whole life has been spent being told that it's a boys scene, and when I was in bands, being the "female bassist" was… Continue reading Girls who rock


You have a time turner, what do you do?

If I was given a Time Turner from Harry Potter, and could use it for anything I know exactly what I'd do. When asked what I would do with the ability to time travel┬ámy mind automatically goes to music and all the artists I would see. Sure, there are things more beneficial to mankind one… Continue reading You have a time turner, what do you do?