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World Environment Day: The Eco-friendly master list

Today is World Environment Day so I've decided to compile a master list of eco-friendly practices to adopt. The environment is at a breaking point, and if we don't all act now and maintain a more sustainable lifestyle and society, there's going to be no stopping global warming and ecological breakdown. Climate change isn't going… Continue reading World Environment Day: The Eco-friendly master list

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Sustainable Fashion Haul

In January I suggested being more sustainable as a New Year's resolution, with saying goodbye to fast fashion featuring in the post. Since then I've upped my own sustainable fashion game, and got addicted to Depop (not sponsored, just a recommendation), this week alone I completed the 1Day No Single Use Plastic Challenge in collaboration with… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion Haul

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1Day No Single Use Plastic Challenge

Ad | Gifted Product | Affiliate Link Plastic pollution is dire, and we need to start doing everything we can to cut-back on single-use plastics. Earth Day explains that a horrifying 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in the ocean every year, a large portion of which is micro-plastic - which fish and marine life… Continue reading 1Day No Single Use Plastic Challenge

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Six Easy Ways To Be Eco-Friendly in 2019

The news that we have 12 years to make massive changes to combat climate change before we've done irreversible damage to the planet is absolutely terrifying. The thought if an apocalyptic like future in our lifetimes was once an unfathomable thought and now it feels like a binding death sentence, with global warming looking a… Continue reading Six Easy Ways To Be Eco-Friendly in 2019

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How I’m being eco-friendly this Christmas

A tweet about why we should wrap our Christmas gifts in brown paper went viral recently for a very good reason. What may come as a surprise to you, because it was to me, is that traditional wrapping paper isn't recyclable. Instead, it ends up in landfill. I took pride last year in how pretty… Continue reading How I’m being eco-friendly this Christmas

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Becoming a Cactus Mom

My beloved bamboo coffee cup broke and I was pretty upset about it. The very same cup from my sustainable coffee post. Even though it's compostable, what's the point of buying reusable cups if I keep breaking or losing them? I've already gone though 3 glass water bottles because I drop them, but I took… Continue reading Becoming a Cactus Mom

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Simple Homemade Iced Coffee

With the sun out in full force this summer, I need a cold drink to cool down, and sometimes it's nice to have something that's not water. Cafes make a lot of money from ice-coffees, and frappes, and other cold beverages all summer, but they can be very pricey or not to your liking. Sometimes… Continue reading Simple Homemade Iced Coffee

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The best coffee & way to enjoy it sustainably

I've already talked about the best and worst coffee in college  and the best and worst coffee of my life but I've never talked about the coffees (yes plural) I drink at home. To be blunt, Limerick isn't great for coffee, America had the some of the best coffee I've ever had, even Cork had great coffee,… Continue reading The best coffee & way to enjoy it sustainably