What I thought of It Chapter 2

Stephen King's IT is one of my all time favourite stories. I saw the original adaption 10 years ago when I was 13 so Part 2 of the remake coming out now felt like I went full circle. Stephen King is one of my favourite authors, and my favourite book of his has to be… Continue reading What I thought of It Chapter 2

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Book Review: The Green Mile

The Green Mile is one of my favourite moves so I'm glad I found the time to read the book. As I've said before Stephen King never lets me down and the book was better than the movie. The Green Mile follows an elderly Paul Edcombe recalling his days working in the Cold Mountain Penitentiary¬†… Continue reading Book Review: The Green Mile

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Book Review: Needful Things

It's been a while since my last book review, college work and life have been preventing me from reading as much as I want to, but in a few more days I'm done with college for Christmas and then I can read to my heart's content! For me Stephen King is a fail safe author,… Continue reading Book Review: Needful Things