My Complicated Relationship with Spider-man

With Spider-man Far From Home out, now is a perfect time to talk about my complicated relationship with Spider-man. I was iffy about seeing Spider-man Homecoming, and Far From Home for a long time, and there's a few reasons for that. What's quite an unpopular opinion of mine is that Andrew Garfield was my favourite… Continue reading My Complicated Relationship with Spider-man

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What’s the deal with remakes?

For the past few years, nostalgia, remakes, and sequels have been spewed out all over Hollywood - with Disney particularly getting into remakes - from the failed Heathers reboot to several different Spidermans in less than 20 years, and even video games like Crash Bandicoot have gotten reboots, it feels like there isn't a whole not… Continue reading What’s the deal with remakes?

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What I Thought of Bohemian Rhapsody

I originally didn't think I was going to review Bohemian Rhapsody but once I saw it I knew I just had to. Bohemian Rhapsody tells of the life of Freddie Mercury, formerly known as Farrokh Bulsara, and the rise of Queen. The film followed a simple straight-forward narrative so Queen fan or not it's easy… Continue reading What I Thought of Bohemian Rhapsody