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My Favourite 80s Movies

Although I'm a 90s kid, the 80s had the best music and movies going. From Live Aid in 1985 featuring the artists at the time who were and are legends today, to all these iconic movies, it was a great decade for pop culture. I wasn't sure what today's post would be so I ran… Continue reading My Favourite 80s Movies

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What’s the deal with remakes?

For the past few years, nostalgia, remakes, and sequels have been spewed out all over Hollywood - with Disney particularly getting into remakes - from the failed Heathers reboot to several different Spidermans in less than 20 years, and even video games like Crash Bandicoot have gotten reboots, it feels like there isn't a whole not… Continue reading What’s the deal with remakes?


What’s your damage, Heathers reboot?

* Spoilers Alert * The original 1988 Heathers was a satirical comedy about the newly popular Veronica Sawyer's (Winona Ryder) disillusionment with her new life in the popular clique: the Heather's. The Heathers being three conventionally attractive, semi-rich, popular girls, all named Heather. All embodying their stereotypes: the queen bee, Heather Chandler (Kim Walker), the… Continue reading What’s your damage, Heathers reboot?