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Sustainable Fashion Haul

In January I suggested being more sustainable as a New Year's resolution, with saying goodbye to fast fashion featuring in the post.┬áSince then I've upped my own sustainable fashion game, and got addicted to Depop (not sponsored, just a recommendation), this week alone I completed the 1Day No Single Use Plastic Challenge in collaboration with… Continue reading Sustainable Fashion Haul


Fictional Characters I’m like

Halloween is about dressing up as someone else, but what about considering those you're actually like? Here's the fictional characters I've either been compared to, or see a lot of myself in them. Diane Nyguyen - Bojack Horseman Diane is probably my favourite character in Bojack. One of the reasons we watched the show was… Continue reading Fictional Characters I’m like

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Tracey Beaker is back

You would think my first favourite author and book(s) was J.K Rowling & Harry Potter. Harry Potter shaped my life, but I actually waited until after the movies were finished to read the books. I have mentioned Darren Shan a lot here too, but as a child my first favourite author, books, and reason I… Continue reading Tracey Beaker is back

Book Reviews

My Favourite Books

I don't like making lists of my favourite books, albums, songs, movies etc because they always fluctuate. Something always comes along that makes me think "Wait, this is amazing!" or I simply out grow what I once loved. There's also the fact that for a quite a substantial amount of time I didn't have a… Continue reading My Favourite Books

Bucket List

Bucket List: Harry Potter

To many the fact that I have a Harry Potter section of my Bucket List would not come as a surprise. I don't dare to imagine what my life would be like without Harry Potter because it's always been there. J.K. Rowling brought so much magic to my life and millions of the others around… Continue reading Bucket List: Harry Potter

Bucket List · Travel

Bucket List: Book Shops

I have a Bucket List and I'm not even going to begin to explain how many things are on it because it only seems to grow. One section of it, however, is devised for the various bookshops of the world I want to visit. One of my favourite things to do is explore bookshops (and… Continue reading Bucket List: Book Shops