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Moving on: to I’ve gone self hosted

After a wonderful four years with this blog, I've packed it up and transfered over to I'm making the leap towards becoming a full time writer, and I absolutely intend on blogging being a part of that. The new website has all the content this one does so any new blog posts will be… Continue reading Moving on: to I’ve gone self hosted

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Harry Potter Bucket List: London Adventures

London is the capital of all things Harry Potter, and Harry Potter was the biggest reason as to why I visited. Although there are sights in Scottland, and Ireland, London is where the real magic is, and I had to see it before I die. We went on a Harry Potter walking tour, the Strawberry… Continue reading Harry Potter Bucket List: London Adventures

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London Bucket List: 221b Baker Street & Sherlock Holmes sights

As a big Sherlock Holmes fan, both the books and show with Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman, one of the things I was the most excited about for London was getting to see the Sherlock sights! Next to the Harry Potter sights, I'd say that Sherlock was the most important part of my London Bucket… Continue reading London Bucket List: 221b Baker Street & Sherlock Holmes sights

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How to travel green this summer

Summer is well and truly upon us, and that means jetting off the new exciting locations on holidays. As wonderful as travelling is, it can have a pretty negative effect on the environment, as flying makes up 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions - and is set to grow. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)… Continue reading How to travel green this summer

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My Disney Bucket List

Disney is just so magical, and I don't know what my life would be without it - from still not being able to watch the scene in The Lion King when Mufasa dies, to playing as pirates as a kids because of Pirates of the Caribbean, and being lucky enough to go to Disneyland Paris… Continue reading My Disney Bucket List


My Postcard Wall

What you may have noticed in the My Adventure Book post is that I have a postcards on my wall. I started collecting post cards when I was 16 and on a school trip in the US. On said trip I visited Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Washington DC, and kinda-ish Newark because we flew in… Continue reading My Postcard Wall

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Bucket List: Love Bridge

  I've wanted to go to the Love Bridge for awhile and as our first holiday as a couple it was even more special. After all, Paris is the city of love. The Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts, more commonly known as the Love Bridge or the Love Lock Bridge, is where people… Continue reading Bucket List: Love Bridge

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Bucket List: Disneyland

  Disneyland is on everyone's bucket list, and although this wasn't my first time there, there was still so much I wanted to do. I went to Disneyland during their 15th anniversary, and still have a coin from it, so it was fitting to be back for 25 years of Disneyland Paris. I don't think… Continue reading Bucket List: Disneyland

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Bucket List: Shakespeare and Company

I have a book shop section of my Bucket List and Shakespeare and Company may have been the one I was most excited for. Shakespeare and Company is a quaint independent bookstore in Paris, tucked right underneath the shadow of Notre Dame. I love book shops, and the second is heard of this place I… Continue reading Bucket List: Shakespeare and Company


My Adventure Book

Up is one of my favourite movies, and aside from the devastating Carl & Ellie life montage at the start, it's really inspirational. In UP, Carl thought all along that Ellie's adventure book was empty because she never got to Paradise Falls but when he opened it he saw it was full of photographs and… Continue reading My Adventure Book