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Moving on: to I’ve gone self hosted

After a wonderful four years with this blog, I've packed it up and transfered over to I'm making the leap towards becoming a full time writer, and I absolutely intend on blogging being a part of that. The new website has all the content this one does so any new blog posts will be… Continue reading Moving on: to I’ve gone self hosted

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Am I experiencing post-college depression?

Post-college depression, also known as post grad/post graduation depression, is considered to be a depression, lack of motivation, and restlessness that people experience after finishing third level education. Post-college depression may not actually be a clinical illness, but depression absolutely is, and requires help and treatment. I graduated recently so this topic has been on… Continue reading Am I experiencing post-college depression?

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Graduating from University…

Yesterday was one of the biggest days of my life; I graduated from university. I had the absolute worst time of my life in secondary school, and I didn't have a good time in primary school either,  people like me who didn't "peak" in school get told we'll have the time of our lives in… Continue reading Graduating from University…

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What NOT to say to someone with an eating disorder

Warning: this post is about eating disorders. Earlier this year, YouTuber Eugenia Cooney took a social media break and sought help for her eating disorder. This was a relief to me and I'm sure countless others. A picture was posted on Instagram of her new haircut, and Twitter exploded sharing the picture, before and after… Continue reading What NOT to say to someone with an eating disorder

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Book Review: From Stressed to Blessed

[GIFTED] I was delighted to have been gifted a copy of From Stressed to Blessed: Overcoming Anxiety and Low Mood with Minor Lifestyle Changes by Anne Cross. The concept of the book is about how making small changes to our diet can help lift low, mood, anxiety, depression, and other struggles. This book was made… Continue reading Book Review: From Stressed to Blessed

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Can we be eighteen?

2018 should have been the best year of my life, and it wasn't. I wrote a blog called in Can we be Seventeen? in January about wanting to be happy again, and about how happiness is only fleeting and being content is long-term. (Also the title is a reference to a song of the same name… Continue reading Can we be eighteen?

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Laxative Lollipops Suck

Warning: Eating disorders will be discussed in this post The Kardashians are no strangers to promoting weight loss and slimming products, from waist trainers to detox teas, and now appetite suppressing lollipops. I found myself taken back when I saw Kim Kardashian West posted an ad for an appetite suppressing lollipop on her Instagram from… Continue reading Laxative Lollipops Suck

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All bodies are bikini bodies

Warning: bullying, and eating disorders will be discussed in this post.  I grew up with very low self-esteem. I was picked on quite a lot in school, but I was my biggest bully. I used to avoid looking in the mirror as much as possible, and felt hideous. Unsurprisingly, I ended up developing an eating… Continue reading All bodies are bikini bodies

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Warning: Eating disorders will be discussed in this post The past few Easter's have been very stressful for me. In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday I would engage in more eating disorder practices. If I asked for no Easter eggs people would be like "don't be ridiculous, a bit of chocolate wont kill… Continue reading Pro-chocolate

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Why 13 Reasons is…

Warning: Suicide, and mental illness such as depression and anxiety will be discussed in this post. My Twitter and Facebook timelines have been covered in posts about 13 Reasons Why this week. I read the book when I was 15 and was conflicted. On one hand, I was happy that the issue of suicide in… Continue reading Why 13 Reasons is…