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Moving on: to I’ve gone self hosted

After a wonderful four years with this blog, I've packed it up and transfered over to I'm making the leap towards becoming a full time writer, and I absolutely intend on blogging being a part of that. The new website has all the content this one does so any new blog posts will be… Continue reading Moving on: to I’ve gone self hosted

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Am I experiencing post-college depression?

Post-college depression, also known as post grad/post graduation depression, is considered to be a depression, lack of motivation, and restlessness that people experience after finishing third level education. Post-college depression may not actually be a clinical illness, but depression absolutely is, and requires help and treatment. I graduated recently so this topic has been on… Continue reading Am I experiencing post-college depression?

College · Mental Health

Graduating from University…

Yesterday was one of the biggest days of my life; I graduated from university. I had the absolute worst time of my life in secondary school, and I didn't have a good time in primary school either,  people like me who didn't "peak" in school get told we'll have the time of our lives in… Continue reading Graduating from University…


What I Learned in my Final Year of College

Yesterday was my last day in university, and I'm so happy to be free. It's no secret that I did not have the time if my life in third level, or any part of the education system for that matter. It's been an annual tradition since first year to look back at the academic year… Continue reading What I Learned in my Final Year of College


What I learned in 3rd year

I finished college in the first week of May, and it's only now that I've sat down to write this post, not because I've been too busy because I've been very active with blogging and Youtube  but because 3rd year was... something... Every year I reflect on what I learned that college year, and first and… Continue reading What I learned in 3rd year


What I learned in Second Year

My "What I Learned in First Year" blog was quite popular and I didn't think second year would come with so many life lessons, but alas it did. Here's what I learned in my second year of university: Be nice to the Erasmus students: they are the most interesting people you will meet, but don't… Continue reading What I learned in Second Year


Satire: Make America Great Again

This was a in-class exercise for my Feature Writing module but I'm proud of how it turned out so I decided to post it here. Enjoy! *** President Trump’s advisors warned him about going to his local barber down the street from Trump Tower, New York. The President was disinclined to take their advice, and… Continue reading Satire: Make America Great Again

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Summer Bucket List

I'm the kind of person who makes all sorts of elaborate plans for summer and once it rolls around I never seem to amount of anything. I finished college in April and all I have done since is go to the gym, lie in bed, and watch Keeping up with the Kardashians (it's a guilty… Continue reading Summer Bucket List


What I learned in my first year of college

I feel like orientation day was yesterday yet I've just finished my first year of college. Sub-editing and Design taught me to avoid cliches (Sorry, Colin), but the year honestly flew by, especially the second semester. It's not often that I get personal here, but it's been quite a year and perhaps I can pass some wisdom onto those poor unfortunate Leaving… Continue reading What I learned in my first year of college

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Coffee Quest: Best and Worst coffee in UL

When the First Seven Week's posted a list of the 20 places to get coffee on campus I took it as a personal challenge, so I pulled fellow Journalism and New Media student Liam (, and occasionally HPSS student Andrew, with me on a coffee quest to try all of them. We added a few… Continue reading Coffee Quest: Best and Worst coffee in UL