I’VE MOVED TO thisdreamsalive.com

This blog will no longer be updated so make sure to follow the new website  for updates.

Keep an eye out for my new project pricklypineapples.ie launching January 2020


profoI’m Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling). For book reviews, rants, travel, bucket list, eco-friendly living, and lots of coffee, I’m your girl.

As for “Saving the World, One Blog Post at a Time”, I want this blog to be a medium for climate activism and evoking change, so we have a clean healthy planet to live on, and for the future.

I make videos and you can find me on Shirley’s Book Blogger List Twitter, and on Pinterest. I am an official member of Ethical Influencers.

thisdreamsalive was a finalist for the Blog Awards Ireland 2018, and the Smedias 2019.


ethical influencersBlog-Awards-2018-Alebrije-MPU_Finalist.pngDgnUKGVWAAE9LCc

Note: All written work, and some images, are my own intellectual and creative property and shall not be re-posted elsewhere or used without my permission. Opinions are my own, are not stated as fact, and do not represent any affiliate groups or organizations.

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