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Book Review: The Occult Book

I picked this book up in Shakespeare & Company in Paris┬álast year, and it's the perfect book to review this spooky season. The Occult Book by John Michael Greer is a "Chronological Journey from Alchemy to Wicca", from the 6th Century BC to 2012. Each page tells a different story of an "occult" topic, such… Continue reading Book Review: The Occult Book


What I thought of It Chapter 2

Stephen King's IT is one of my all time favourite stories. I saw the original adaption 10 years ago when I was 13 so Part 2 of the remake coming out now felt like I went full circle. Stephen King is one of my favourite authors, and my favourite book of his has to be… Continue reading What I thought of It Chapter 2

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Harry Potter Bucket List: London Adventures

London is the capital of all things Harry Potter, and Harry Potter was the biggest reason as to why I visited. Although there are sights in Scottland, and Ireland, London is where the real magic is, and I had to see it before I die. We went on a Harry Potter walking tour, the Strawberry… Continue reading Harry Potter Bucket List: London Adventures

College · Mental Health

Am I experiencing post-college depression?

Post-college depression, also known as post grad/post graduation depression, is considered to be a depression, lack of motivation, and restlessness that people experience after finishing third level education. Post-college depression may not actually be a clinical illness, but depression absolutely is, and requires help and treatment. I graduated recently so this topic has been on… Continue reading Am I experiencing post-college depression?

Eco-Friendly Living

Become a Tree Hugger: 10 ways to save trees

Trees are so important for our planet, from giving us the oxygen we breathe, absorbing Co2, providing food, and homes for wild life - we can't live without them. Yet, billions of trees are cut down each year to make room for agricultural land, development, or paper. Trees are one of our best defences against… Continue reading Become a Tree Hugger: 10 ways to save trees


The 10 Songs That Helped Me Survive School

I feel very old realising that this time 10 years ago commenced the absolute worst 6 years of my life; secondary school. On the bright side, I survived, and although school feels like it's gonna last forever - it doesn't. Now it feels like it was someone else's lifetime! I did my time, and these… Continue reading The 10 Songs That Helped Me Survive School