What I Thought of The Lion King Remake

The long awaited Lion King remake is out, and I have a lot of thoughts. For those who are new to my blog: The Lion King has been my favourite movie since birth. I'm literally writing this on my bed which has Lion King bedsheets, and theres' more than one item or push toy with… Continue reading What I Thought of The Lion King Remake


My Complicated Relationship with Spider-man

With Spider-man Far From Home out, now is a perfect time to talk about my complicated relationship with Spider-man. I was iffy about seeing Spider-man Homecoming, and Far From Home for a long time, and there's a few reasons for that. What's quite an unpopular opinion of mine is that Andrew Garfield was my favourite… Continue reading My Complicated Relationship with Spider-man

Eco-Friendly Living · Food & Drink

Summer hack: Homemade Iced Tea on the go

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, I make commission from each sale made though it.¬† Last summer I shared my favourite DIY iced coffee¬†to cool down with and now it's only fair that I share iced tea. I'm more of a coffee person, but I do love herbal teas. My bottle from WAKECup is… Continue reading Summer hack: Homemade Iced Tea on the go

Eco-Friendly Living · Travel

How to travel green this summer

Summer is well and truly upon us, and that means jetting off the new exciting locations on holidays. As wonderful as travelling is, it can have a pretty negative effect on the environment, as flying makes up 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions - and is set to grow. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)… Continue reading How to travel green this summer