My Room Tour: Bringing Nature Inside

Since stores have launched their spring and summer collections I’ve found it very difficult not to impulse buy everything. For someone who wears all black, my dream house – and current bedroom – is very much bohemian and nature inspired (with a few discreet Halloween decorations out all year because this is me after all). I like the idea of bringing the outside inside.

Here’s my favourite decor:


Long mirror with a Polaroid photo of a blue beetle car in Paris, a sticky note reading "I am confident and beautiful", a butterfly sticker, and a crown

Not only are butterflies beautiful, but a powerful symbol for me – so much so that I have a monarch tattoo on my wrist! From pop-up stickers, sun catchers, candles, and fairy lights, my space is very much a tribute to them.

Electrickery Art have stunning upcycled decor inspired by nature such as this beautiful butterfly  which is made from old computer parts, you can find these beauties on Etsy.

Electrickery upcycled monarch butterfly art


Pineapple fairy lights surrounding pictures over a mirror

There’s something really cute about pineapples, I suspect it has something to do with yellow being my favourite colour, but I have a lot of things shaped like pineapples.

A gold pineapple box with a cute fake plant pineapple for, and a gold tropical candle

Flowers & plants:

Plants on a window sill - flowers, succulents, aloe vera, and cacti

I started off with bright fake flowers from Ikea but once I started my upcycled cactus endeavour I fell in love with gardening and now have a little collection of succulents and flowers.


A Himalayan salt lamo behind a pink elephant candle and an elephant incense holder

Elephants aren’t actually my favourite animals – lions are and my childhood room had the equalivant of a pride in stuffed lions – but there’s something so grand and calming about them, that I like to have elephants in my space.


*This blog post is an entry for Eletrickery’s blogger competition*

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