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My Favourite Vegan Chocolate

Easter has become synonymous with chocolate, and most people’s response to veganism is: but chocolate though? There are so many amazing vegan chocolates out there, and life’s too short not to eat it! At this point, there’s very little that doesn’t have a vegan alternative, especially chocolate – whether you like white, dark, or milk!

Here’s my favourite vegan chocolate:

Cachet Hazelnut Dark Chocolate

Cachet Hazelnut Dark Chocolate vegan

This was an absolute gem as all the other dark hazelnut chocolate I find somehow always has milk in it. The chocolate wasn’t too dark or light, and the hazelnuts were evenly spaced out so it wasn’t too nutty or not nutty enough. I’d get it all the time if I could, except I happened to find it in TK Maxx and never saw it again, and nowhere else sells Cachet.

iChoc Choco Cookie

iChoc Choco Cookie vegan chocolate

iChoc tasted scarily like milk chocolate, but it was great because it didn’t make me feel sick the way real milk chocolate would. As I have dark chocolate so much I’m not used to lighter chocolate anymore, but the cookies – which were basically off-brand Oreos – were what made it.

iChoc White Vanilla Chocolate

ichoc white vanilla vegan chocolate

I wasn’t a massive fan of white chocolate before, but the vanilla in this is a nice change from normal white chocolate. It’s much creamier than other vegan white chocolates I’ve had too.


Moo free original vegan chocolate

Moofree is one of the bigger vegan chocohole brands. They also have all sorts of fun flavours, with a favourite of mine being their banana chips chocolate, but do a regular milk chocolate alternative too.

J.D Gross Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

J.D Gross Lidl Dark Chocolate 56% Sea Salt vegan

I’d never considered sea salt chocolate before, in fact the idea of salt and chocolate going together baffled me but I was proven wrong with this one! It’s not bitter as it’s only 55% cocao, and the sea salt makes for a more… vibrant taste.

Vego White Almond Bliss


I actually don’t like the original Vego as I find it too luscious, but I tried this out of curiosity and it blew my mind. The white chocolate is creamy like iChoc’s but the almonds make a pleasant crunch. The packaging is actually biodegradable which is amazing, I’m all for brands who care about the environment!

What’s your favourite chocolate?

Chunks of dark chocolate



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