From 0 to 100s of Views: How To Keep Readers Interested

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I’ve spoken about my interests, experiences, and opinions on my blog, but never about blogging itself – until now.

Last May I decided to take blogging more seriously, having set this blog up in 2015 it was stagnant on 50 followers until the summer of 2018. Once I worked on promotion and blog layout my blog really took off and has almost 250 followers today, as well as a relatively  strong Twitter and Pinterest following. I’m not a big “influencer”, I’m still considered very small, in fact I definitely don’t think the term “influencer” applies to me but there’s been a lot of growth and I’m proud of it. Most posts used to go completely unread, and now there’s a significant increase in views and engagement.

Prior to this, my blog was very text heavy – and people don’t like big blocks of text. I made a blog banner on Canva, began adding colourful headers to my posts, more images, and snappier headlines.

Being a blogger isn’t just about writing you also become your own marketing expert, subeditor, photographer, PR person, and more. As happy as I am with my blog now, I do see room to improve and I’m intending on getting a professional logo and banner to solidify my “brand”, and update the layout.

The tips from the article below by Brandon Weaver, from Campaign Monitor are not only helpful to me as they can be adapted for bloggers but also I hope others learn from this too.

The following post has been shortened for brevity and relevancy for my readers, make sure to read the full article here


How to apply psychology and design an optimized landing page

Create a compelling headline to draw visitors in

To capture visitors’ attention immediately and keep them engaged on your page long enough to evaluate your offer, you need a compelling headline. Speak directly to the benefits of your product or service and how it fulfills an essential need for your prospect.

The focusing effect is the tendency of people to place too much emphasis on one thing at the expense of others. When it comes to your landing page headline, though, you can use this to your advantage.

Your product or service likely has many benefits, but highlighting your unique value proposition (UVP) in your headline helps prospects focus strongly on that one feature. In turn, your UVP encourages them to click your CTA button.

Another way to craft a compelling headline is via message matching. Message matching provides a consistent message from ad to landing page to make prospects more comfortable in converting on your landing page offer. It is most common in headlines, but it can also be demonstrated through images, copy, and colors.

Include engaging media to keep visitors engaged

In the list of >landing page best practices, video and images both play a critical role in persuading visitors to take action. For example, on average, a visitor will stay on a web page with video (5 minutes and 50 seconds) longer versus a page with only text and images (43 seconds). So it’s no surprise that videos have proven to >increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Landing page images often employ the “deictic gaze” — a visual cue to draw the viewer’s attention toward an intended object. The most common example of this is a person looking towards the CTA button, drawing the visitor’s attention to it so they click it.

>Take a look at this page, and notice where your attention goes:

Campaign Monitor – Landing Page CTA Button

Write ultra persuasive copy

Not only should your copy be readable, it should also be easy to understand. Stay away from jargon and write in a way that a 6th grader would understand. For example, if your solution saves people money, don’t say “closefisted.” Instead, say cost-effective.

Urgency is another effective strategyto incorporate in your landing page copy. By letting prospects know they must act quickly to redeem the offer, you’re persuading them to convert. This is often done in conjunction with a countdown timer, like a webinar landing page or event registration page.

Utilize white space to focus their attention

White space and various color combinations are great for providing visitors with a pleasing visual experience, but they also play a vital role in persuading visitors to click your CTA button.

White space (aka empty space) helps isolate certain elements on your landing page, like forms and CTA buttons, so they can draw maximum attention. By surrounding important elements with white space, you effectively tell visitors what you want them to focus on.

When it comes to color, consider the Von Restorff Effect, which states that people tend to remember things that stand out to them most. With landing pages design your CTA button in a contrasting color (preferably a color that hasn’t been used anywhere) so it’s very obvious where they must go to redeem your offer. If you’re unsure of which color to choose, look at the color wheel and choose the opposite color of your page’s dominant color. For example, if your page is mostly blue, select orange for the CTA button.

Look how Five9 surrounded their CTA button and video with white space and designed it in a contrasting color to make it “pop” off the page:

Five9 – CTA Button – White Space & Color Combinations

Add trust indicators to make visitors feel safe

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs teaches us that one of the most basic human needs is safety. When marketers don’t apply safety elements to landing pages to instill trust, it’s easy to understand why they abandon the page: they don’t feel safe and secure providing their personal information.

Trust indicators come in many forms: customer badges or testimonials, awards, industry ratings, and a privacy policy link. All of these can help make prospects feel confident enough to convert on your offer, or at least stay on your page long enough to consider it.

Social proof is one of the best ways to gain prospect’s trust. Displaying customer testimonials and prominent publications that your brand has been featured establishes credibility for your offer. It makes people more comfortable knowing other people trust you.

Wrap up

Simply creating a landing page and generating traffic to it is not sufficient to increase your conversions. You must design the page with the right elements while implementing some psychological principles. Only then will your visitors be persuaded to take action and your marketing funnel start to collect more and more leads.


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