What I thought of The Umbrella Academy

I've been a massive fan of Gerard Way for most of my life, both as the frontman of my favourite band, and as a comic book writer. I've been waiting to see the Umbrella Academy on screen since I was at least 16, and it's finally here! I re-read Apocalypse Suit, and Dallas before the… Continue reading What I thought of The Umbrella Academy

Book Reviews

Book Review: Dexter Trilogy

I got my hands on the first 3 books in the Dexter series, and decided to wait and review them all together than to do it one by one. Book One: Darkly Dreaming Dexter works in the forensics department of the Miami PD, more specifically blood analysis. Dexter may seem like a good guy. He's… Continue reading Book Review: Dexter Trilogy


From 0 to 100s of Views: How To Keep Readers Interested

*This is a sponsored post* I've spoken about my interests, experiences, and opinions on my blog, but never about blogging itself - until now. Last May I decided to take blogging more seriously, having set this blog up in 2015 it was stagnant on 50 followers until the summer of 2018. Once I worked on… Continue reading From 0 to 100s of Views: How To Keep Readers Interested


My Postcard Wall

What you may have noticed in the My Adventure Book post is that I have a postcards on my wall. I started collecting post cards when I was 16 and on a school trip in the US. On said trip I visited Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Washington DC, and kinda-ish Newark because we flew in… Continue reading My Postcard Wall