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Best Vegan Homemade Meals

Happy Vegunary!

When I first started considering veganism I was met with “but vegans can only eat vegetables and rice, that’s so boring”, but vegetables and rice don’t have to be boring if you’re creative enough. Some of the best meals I’ve eaten have been vegan. Plus there’s so many other things you can eat too.

Here’s some veganuary inspiration:


Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

vegan spicy over roasted chickpeas

I found this recipe on Pinterest and then altered it by adding my favourite spices. Chickpeas aren’t only a good source of protein but also count as one of your five-a-day!

Banana Oat  Cookies

vegan chocolate chip cookies

These are so simple and easy, all you need are oats, bananas, and dairy free chocolate. I like to add cinnamon too.

Rice pudding

vegan ambrosia rice pudding

I loved ambrosia when I was a child, my favourite was a microwavable pot with custard in the end. Of course, all the store bought ambrosia has dairy so I made it myself with soya milk, rice pudding and Aplro’s vegan custard.



vegan pizza

Making pizza from scratch takes a lot of effort but is worth it. One local restaurant has vegan pizza, and it’s great but it’s a thin crust. Sometimes you want a big thick greasy pizza, for your soul.

Sushi with miso soup

avocado vegan sushi ingredients

Any Japanese place has vegan sushi, but it’s nice to make it at home sometimes. I love avocado rolls but you can experiment with vegetables and tofu. Miso soup is also so easy to make at home.


vegan red curry with tofu

My favourite food has always been curry and thankfully is really easy to make vegan – whether it’s Thai, Chinese, or Indian. Sometimes we make sauces from scratch, others we use pre-made ones. Make sure to add veggies and your choice of vegan protein – whether it’s tofu, quorn, or cashews.


vegan noodle dish

Right now we’re addicted to satay, and before that it was szcheuan stirfry. Like curry, you have lots of options for flavour and get to pack it with your favourite vegetables and protein.

Tacos & nachos

vegan tacos mexican food

Godbless vegan alternatives to cheese because I never get sick of nachos. Personally I prefer chopped up Quorn vegan fillets in tacos with peppers and seasoning, but the best thing about tacos is that you get to put in your favourite filling.


Coffee chocolates

coffee beans in the shape of a heart

I initially thought eating coffee beans was weird, but after seeing coffee covered with chocolate that happened to be vegan I fell in love. The crunch and bitterness of the coffee goes really well with smooth dark chocolate. I got a mould and started making my own using the Badger & Dodo beans because they’re the nicest.

Cherry Scones

vegan homemade cherry scones

I’m not a fan of raisins in scones, but I love cherries so I decided to combine the too. I used a generic vegan scone recipe and added halved cherries, and they’re one of my favourite things!

Rum Pineapple

vegan kraken rum soaked pineapple with coconut alpro ice cream

This is for the adult’s here, normally I’m all about chocolate but wanted to experiment and made something amazing. We fried and marinated pineapple in rum, and put it over Alpro’s coconut ice-cream. The coconut and pineapple compliment each other so well, it’s like eating piña colada – which I am also obsessed with!

If you’re vegan, what’s your favourite food? If not, have you ever considered trying out Veganuary or Meat Free Monday?

14 thoughts on “Best Vegan Homemade Meals

  1. I’m currently vegetarian but always looking to cut down on my dairy etc consumption, so this post is really helpful; thanks!


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  2. Although I am not vegan or vegetarian, my aim for 2019 is to attempt to make more vegan or vegetarian dishes so I was very excited to read your blog post. I think that I am going to have to try out making Banana Oat Cakes and the Cherry scones! I’m hoping if I slowly start introducing more vegan and vegetarian dishes slowly into my diet then hopefully I can cut down the amount of meat I eat. Thank you for a lovely and informative post!

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  3. Oh my, this post is making me so hungry!! So many delicious things here, pizza, sushi, cookies, tacos & nachos, these dishes look so good! Thank you so much for the inspiration, I’m definitely going to be adding more vegan meals into my diet now I have so many new ideas! Fab post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  4. This made me crave the cherry scones so much! going to look for a recipe, I use almond milk mainly, and coconut cream for baked goods instead of dairy. These are really great ideas. I never tried rice pudding, I’m curious to try it.

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