Reviewing Childhood: All Dogs Christmas Carol

I loved the All Dogs Go to Heaven movies when I was really young, but there were also devastating which is probably why they weren’t as popular as Disney movies, but nonetheless, I really liked them and haven’t seen this or the first film in at least 15 years.

The All Dogs Christmas Carol is the 3rd and final All Dogs film, and is based on A Christmas Carol. The first two movies centered around Charlie and Itchy, whereas this one was about Carface – stepping in as our canine Scrouge.

all dogs christmas carol, killer and carface with puppies

I was worried that this was going to be one of those movies that are great when you’re a kid but don’t hold up as an adult, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s still entertaining as an adult, maybe not as much as when I was young, and sometimes a little cheesy but it’s definitely watchable.

If you’re feeling nostalgic I’d recommend revisiting the All Dogs Christmas Carol this festive season.

Fun fact: Carface is actually my dream dog. He’s a pitbull bulldog mix, although he just looks like a stereotypical British bulldog. My first dog was a British bulldog and was the friendliest dog I’ve ever met, so when I was a kid I didn’t like the whole “bulldog is the bad guy” trope. Now a British bulldog, and 3 American bulldogs later, the only dog who’s ever bit me was a Jack Russell so I stand by my childhood feeling that they don’t deserve to be the bad guys. Purebreds, especially British bulldogs and pugs, tend to have health problems but I adore the bully breeds (and everything on the dangerous dogs list because it’s bad owners, not the breed) so he’s the perfect mix for me. [I have every intention of adopting rescue dogs when I move out – right now I live with my parents so they decide what dog we get]

an all dogs christmas carol end screen


2 thoughts on “Reviewing Childhood: All Dogs Christmas Carol

  1. I’m sure I have seen these movies but I don’t remember them. Any title that is about a dog going to heaven I’m already thinking I’m going to cry.

    Did you see A Dog’s Purpose? I cried so hard! I will have to watch these movies though again? Or the first time not sure lol.
    From FibroMomBlog

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