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Bucket List: Shakespeare and Company

I have a book shop section of my Bucket List and Shakespeare and Company may have been the one I was most excited for.

Shakespeare and Company is a quaint independent bookstore in Paris, tucked right underneath the shadow of Notre Dame.

outside shakespeare and company bookshop in paris

I love book shops, and the second is heard of this place I knew I had to go there. It was just as I pictured it to be, and although it was a little tight it had a great selection of books. I bought two books and a post card, and can’t wait to read them – even though I already had books at home I still haven’t read. I wish bought more but I was worried about not having enough money in case of an emergency and to last until pay day. Having at least one book with their signature stamp was enough for me though.

The bad news is that they don’t let people take pictures of inside but I was able to snap pictures of what we got in their cafe next door.

outside shakespeare and company cafe paris

The Shakespeare and Company cafe was amazing. I love coffee and everyone I know who I told I was going to Paris said “you love cafes!” Ireland literally has multiple bars and pubs on most streets and they somehow all manage to stay in business, whereas Paris is the same except they’re cafes instead so I definitely fit in more in France than at home! I wasn’t sure what my expectations of their coffee was, but they were definitely exceeded.

Alex got a soya latte and I got an Americano. The latte was much nicer than my Americano but it was still one of the best I’ve had – if not the best.

vegan bagels, a soya latte, and an americano from the shakespeare and company cafe

I’ve mentioned before a lot of the coffee beans used here just isn’t that good, and even those with good coffee just don’t make it well, this coffee was perfect in every way. We also got vegan bagels with kale, pesto, and carrot, and a vegan chocolate donut between us which also exceeded expectations. I’m usually let down by the vegan food when I eat out so but this was probably the best I’ve had.

I should also mention the rest of the coffee I had whole in Paris. We got coffee in Disneyland and it was actually pretty tastless, and the coffee in the hotel wasn’t great either. The airport coffee came in a cool machine which also had soup, it was a step up from the hotel and Disneyland coffee, and we got coffee at a cafe by the catacombs which was good but still didn’t compare to Shakespeare and Co.

a bench outside Shakespeare and company with a samuel beckett quote: "We spend out life, it's ours, trying to bring together in the same instant a ray of sunshine and a free bench"

16 thoughts on “Bucket List: Shakespeare and Company

  1. I went to Shakespeare and Company back in 2015 (although didn’t do the cafe), and fell completely head over heels in love. It’s such a gorgeous little shop, and I picked up the most stunning copy of Moby Dick. I wish I lived closer, honestly!

    Cordelia || cordeliamoor.com

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  2. I have always wanted to visit Paris, so this little shop is on my “To Visit” list. I am disappointed, as I drink my delicious coffee, about the flavorless coffee overall. I will probably live at the cafe during my visit for my morning coffee.

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