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Bucket List: Trying Deathwish Coffee

I’ve been obsessed with Deathwish coffee since I first heard of it, which I’d imagine was around the same time as my Coffee Quest post which was back in 2015 so of course, it earned a spot on my bucket list.

Deathwish markets itself as the strongest coffee in the world, and I took that as personal challenge.

death wish coffee co logo with skull

I have no caffeine tolerate which is a horrible fate for someone who’s life is coffee.

I had to get a decaff version of my favourite coffee. I can’t even tolerate one cup of normal coffee a day without my heart skipping beats, headaches, and it making my boobs sore (yes there actually is a correlation between breast pain and caffeine) I’m too awkward to ask for decaff in cafes in case they judge me so I either only have it once or twice a week or get herbal tea. I need to impress upon you just how weak my caffeine tolerance is, which is why me of all people trying this coffee should have been funny.

I was expecting something with a bold flavour from Deathwish. I know flavour and caffeine content aren’t connected to one another, but for a brand that boasts skulls and strong imagery I was hoping for a bold flavour too, which is something they do claim to have. I didn’t feel a major caffeine buzz off it either, it actually suggested a serving size of 2 1/2 tablespoons for every 6 ounces of coffee which is about twice the average amount people use so is it the World’s Strongest Coffee or are they cheating by telling you to put a lot in? Two and a half tablespoons is gonna be a lot of caffeine no matter what brand you get it from. Hell I’d even feel something from decaff with that much in there!

bag of deathwish coffee with two french presses

The first time I made it I put in one tablespoon and it tasted very bland, the second time I followed the instructions and it tasted too concentrated.

Maybe I hyped it up too much, after all it’s only now I was able to get my hands on it. I’ve had stronger coffee, and I’ve had coffee with a richer flavour but I hope I’m not coming off too harsh. It’s not bad, it’s just not great either. It’s just overrated.

The packaging was definitely really cool – I’ll be keeping the box it came in and liked the free logo sticker.

I don’t regret getting it though, it was still something I really wanted to try, and I’ll finish off the bag – I just won’t buy it again. It’s always nice to tick something off my bucket list, even if some of the things I want to do before I die turn out to be disappointing, it’s better than not doing it at all!

a cup of coffee with steam

22 thoughts on “Bucket List: Trying Deathwish Coffee

  1. I almost wish caffeine made me sick at times, I drink waaaaay too much! Shame this brand wasn’t as good as expected, I guess sometimes the hype is over-rated.
    -pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com xo

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  2. The packaging is really cool! Shame about the taste though :/ have you heard of nitro coffee? I don’t do well on caffeine either and I’ve been seeing ads for it. I guess it’s less bitter but the amount of caffeine is insane. No thanks!! lol


  3. I just bought a bag of this for my husband because he wanted to try it. I actually, after working at Starbucks for a few years, have become a coffee snob. I tend to lecture people on “strength.” Light roast coffee has more caffeine content than dark roast ones because they are roasted for a shorter length of time, retaining more caffeine. I prefer light roast coffee where my husband prefers dark. Wonderful post! I am looking forward to him trying this to see what he thinks

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