My Adventure Book

Up is one of my favourite movies, and aside from the devastating Carl & Ellie life montage at the start, it's really inspirational. In UP, Carl thought all along that Ellie's adventure book was empty because she never got to Paradise Falls but when he opened it he saw it was full of photographs and… Continue reading My Adventure Book

Eco-Friendly Living

Becoming a Cactus Mom: Cactus gets a friend

So far my cacti haven't germinated yet. Germaination is estimated as within 2 weeks to 2 months so if nothing grows by September I'm gonna accept defeat and start again. Although it will be embarrassing as cacti are low maintenance and there's 5 seeds planeted so hopefully at least one grows. I did get my… Continue reading Becoming a Cactus Mom: Cactus gets a friend


Reviewing Childhood: Cartoon Network

I'm a very nostalgic person and I loved cartoon Network as a kid. I enjoyed Nickelodeon and Disney channel too but CN shows were always a little on the stranger side and I was a weird kid so it was great. I didn't watch everything, I narrowed it down to Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed… Continue reading Reviewing Childhood: Cartoon Network

Book Reviews

Book Review: Turtles All the Way Down

I got Turtles All The Way Down with a discount code from Book Depository that only gave me a few books to choose from. I ended up giving John Green another chance and was pleasantly surprised. Before reviewing the book I need to explain why I was hesitant to read something by John Green. The… Continue reading Book Review: Turtles All the Way Down

Eco-Friendly Living

Becoming a Cactus Mom

My beloved bamboo coffee cup broke and I was pretty upset about it. The very same cup from my sustainable coffee post. Even though it's compostable, what's the point of buying reusable cups if I keep breaking or losing them? I've already gone though 3 glass water bottles because I drop them, but I took… Continue reading Becoming a Cactus Mom