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The best coffee & way to enjoy it sustainably

I’ve already talked about the best and worst coffee in college  and the best and worst coffee of my life but I’ve never talked about the coffees (yes plural) I drink at home.

To be blunt, Limerick isn’t great for coffee, America had the some of the best coffee I’ve ever had, even Cork had great coffee, but Limerick’s coffee game is not on point.

Most cafes in town have Beweley’s or Lavazza. Beweley’s isn’t bad, it can be a bit bitter, but one time when I was in Galway it was amazing so when done right it’s good coffee. I flat out dont like Lavazza, I’ll tolerate it because my current favourite cafe uses it and I mostly go because they let dogs in, and my love for dogs triumphs my inner coffee snob.

Most people have a million and one different kinds of teas, and although I have a few herbal teas and loose leafs, I have a lot of coffee.

coffee: the voyager from insomnia, good as gold coffee roasters kona blend, badger & dodo mountain water decaff

I’ve said before that my favourite coffee is Badger & Dodo, partially for nostalgic reasons but also because the beans are amoung the best I’ve ever had. I have whole bean Mountain Water Decaff at the moment. Bager & Dodo is from Cork so they really do know how to make a good cup of coffee down there. I’ve unfortunately been cursed with a terrible caffeine tolerance so it’s so can’t even handle one cup of caffeinated a day. It takes the extra time to make because I have to grind it first but it’s worth it.

I’ve already talked about the Kona Blend  in a previous post, and out of all my coffee, it’s the most convenient and what I use when I’m making coffee for on the go.

One of my favourite cafes is Insomnia, and this year they had a guest roast coffee form Columbia which they called the Voyager. I actually dont love their own blend, but I mainly go because it’s the only cafe to invest in milk alternatives that are actually made for baristas. Everwhere else gets cheap soya milk which does not froth easily and tends to burn so no matter how good the beans are, if the milk is bad then the whole drink is bad. I much prefer the Voyager as it has a richer taste yet doesn’t make a cup of pure caffeine so of course I stocked up on a few bags because it’s for a limited time. I even got a cute little mini French press for when I don’t want to share.

blue floral reusable bamboo coffee cup
As this is a coffee at home and on the go post, I feel obliged to mention that you absolutely should invest in reusable coffee cups. Whether your bringing coffee to work or getting take-away from a cafe, it’s devastating how much of our rubbish ends up in the ocean, and a good chunk of it is coffee cups because they aren’t recyclable. A lot of cafes are switching to compostable coffee cups, which is wonderful as the current ones take 200 years to decompose!


However, it’s better again to buy your own, a lot of places even do discounts or at least offer bonus points on loyalty cards for those who have their own cups.

Mine is bamboo because bamboo is compostable and incredibly sustainable. I buy a lot of bamboo products such as make-up brushes, socks, and even a lunch box!

clear cup for ice drinks with a straw

I even recently bought a cup specifically for getting iced coffee or smoothies, and it came with a straw which means I no longer need to rely on single use straws. It was only €9.99 in TK Maxx!  Most cafes have their own cups for when you sit in for standard drinks, but the a worrying amount only use single-use plastic cups with straws for cold drinks.  I’m not even going to link the video of the poor sea turtle with a straw up it’s nose, it’s too sad but I do want to impress how important it is to rely less on single use plastics.

Some of the most common items found in the ocean are coffee cups and water bottles, these can easily be eliminated from our lives and even save money from either getting a discount in a cafe of using refillable water bottles instead of constantly buying more.

There is nothing to lose by choosing to live more sustainably, but if we don’t make the switch, we have everything to lose. Next time, think of the polar bears living on the melting ice caps.

Enjoy your coffee, but don’t ruin the environment in the process!

a polar bear and a penguin on an iceberg


10 thoughts on “The best coffee & way to enjoy it sustainably

  1. This is a great post, even though I’m not a massive coffee drinker I do enjoy good coffee so will definitely make a note of your recommendations. And I love your ice coffee cup! It’s so convenient. I will definitely invest in one too because I love polar bears and want to do my bit too. x


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