Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Back when Pokemon Go was in all the range, it was announced that a Harry Potter mobile game with similar premise would come out, instead of Pokemon there would be Fantastic Beasts, which came out a few months after and went over the heads of most Harry Potter fans. We were aware there was going to be a game, but by the time it came out, the hype over Pokemon Go or the desire for a Harry Potter version, had died and basically it flopped. Given that it came out the same month as the movie, it should have complimented the release well but didn’t.

More recently, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery came out, and again, there wasn’t a Pokemon Go like hysteria surrounding it. All of my friends adore Harry Potter, and no one batted an eyelid, I’m sure half didn’t even know it was a thing. I found out about it because on every website I use, especially Instagram, I was bombarded by ads for it.

I decided yesterday to give it a try.

harry potter hogwarts mystery promotional image

At first it seemed a lot like what we had hoped Pottermore would have been. when Pottermore first came out, myself and many hoped it would be a MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game), like Runscape, where you create an avatar and explore the wizarding world, and Hogwarts, and instead you just got a username you dont want, and will never remember and go through Harry’s story like an eBook. The house, wand, and patronous quizes were the only highlights. It’s a wonderful encylopedia of information but overall, it was a disappointment.

The game filled the void Pottermore failed to fill but it has it’s issues. The most frustrating thing is half way though something having to wait for your energy to refill, I was wondering why they give 3 hours just to get though one flying class, but when my energy ran out in the first half and I had to wait almost 20 minutes just to get enough energy to “listen” to another character in the class, I got frustrated. I wouldn’t mind waiting one minute for one bit of energy, but 4 minutes is a bit excessive when you need a few to do one simple task, especially when it drains your phone battery pretty fast. It’s a clear example of the company hoping people get impatient and just buy things to speed the process up, as opposed to caring enough to create an enjoyable gaming experience.

They were very lazy when it came to sorting you into your house, and just let you pick, it would have been a good idea to at least let you link your Pottermore or have the Pottemore quiz in the game. Some elements were also lazy, you befriend another student, Rowan who is a watered down Hermoine, Merula who’s basically a gender-bent Draco, and Ben is your Neville. It was also weird than Dumbledore felt the need to tell students that soon Harry would be coming to Hogwarts, I get that they wanted to make it clear the story is set after Voldemort’s initial rise to power and before Harry came to Hogwarts but that would have been achieved much easier by putting a date somewhere. Did Dumbledore say that every year before Harry came?

I do like the story and that’s why I didn’t just uninstall it after the first 10 minutes.  You’re the sibling of Jacob *insert your last name here* who supposedly “went crazy, disgraced his house, went missing and may have joined He Who Shall Not Be Named” so of course, a large chunk of the game centers around wanting to solve the mystery.

Overall, it’s not a bad game, but it definitely has too many flaws holding it back. If you were disappointed with Pottermore, you’ll enjoy this more but might get sick of it after a week.

13 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

  1. I hadn’t even heard of this game until I read your post, I’m a big Harry Potter fan but I never play games on my phone so I doubt I’d enjoy this especially if it drains your battery! Great review of the game though!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  2. Honestly, I think this game disappoints! They are slowly starting to make it better by adding some extra functions but it’s never truly giving us the experience that we actually want! I’m starting to feel like some of us – anyone of us should learn how to code and create and make the rpg game we all want haha (I mean that would be slightly problematic as we need the rights but I can dream)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I wasn’t a fan of the game. I played for a bit, and then had no interest in the game. It’s a shame. If it was more like Pokemon Go, it would have had so much potential.


  4. I’m still playing this game. I like that I have to wait for energy to refill because I don’t have a lot of time to play. So it’s not a waiting game for me. I’m already almost done with 3rd year.

    Myrth | clistebella.blogspot.com


    1. I found it frustrating when it would run out when I was in class and then I’d wait 20 minutes to do one thing, and have to wait more to finish some lesson, but I guess the waiting suits some people more


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