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Book Review: The Green Mile

The Green Mile is one of my favourite moves so I’m glad I found the time to read the book.

As I’ve said before Stephen King never lets me down and the book was better than the movie.

The Green Mile by Stephen King book coverThe Green Mile follows an elderly Paul Edcombe recalling his days working in the Cold Mountain Penitentiary  where he conducted executions on prisoners sentenced to death.
However one of the prisoners is unusual and Paul doubts the man is guilty. John Coffey was sentenced for the rape and murder of two little girls yet the gentle giant proves to be a healer, curing Paul’s agonising  urinary tract infection and saving the pet mouse, Mr Jingles, of a fellow inmate.

When Paul’s bosses wife gets an inoperable brain tumor he wonders if John Coffey can save her.

The Green Mile was initially a 6-part short book series in 1996 and became one of Stephen King’s better known works. As I saw the movie first I have to admit to finding myself reading a lot of it in Tom Hanks’ voice.

It’s rare I find a book I get so engrossed in that I can’t put it down, but no one knows how to write as compelling as Stephen King does.

The Green Mile was devastating, thought provoking and dealth with the likes of racism, conscience, and life and death. King even manages to make you feel for some of the most volatile people on the planet, he brings forth the uncomfortable reality that monsters are amoung us. I 100% recommend it to fans of the movie and fans of King or suspense novels in general.

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