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Book Review: Almost Love

So far Lousie O'Neill has never let me down with Asking For It and Only Ever Yours, and now Almost Love. Louise O'Neill has switched from YA to debuting her first book for adults and she done so flawlessly. Like it's predecessors Almost Love knows how to frustrate you, anger you, and recognize yourself. Almost… Continue reading Book Review: Almost Love

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Tracey Beaker is back

You would think my first favourite author and book(s) was J.K Rowling & Harry Potter. Harry Potter shaped my life, but I actually waited until after the movies were finished to read the books. I have mentioned Darren Shan a lot here too, but as a child my first favourite author, books, and reason I… Continue reading Tracey Beaker is back


Liebster Awards

Thank you Angie from The Diversity of Classic Rock  for nominating me for the Liebster Award 2018. You guys should definitely check out her blog. Here are the rules of the Liebster Award: Thank the person you nominated, and put a link to their blog. Display award on your blog. Write a small post about what… Continue reading Liebster Awards


Irish Myths & Legends

It's almost St Patrick's Day, and you know what that means? Not a day of national pride, but a day I cringe and have to endure leprechauns, ginger wigs, and hear about the poor ER staff being flooded by people who need their stomach pumped. If that sounds like a fun rant you can check… Continue reading Irish Myths & Legends

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Dual Book Review: Witch-Hunt & Wicca Elemental Magic

Witch-Hunt by Marc Aronson is a retelling of the 17th Century Salem Witch-Trials. Aronson presents the evidence, testimonies, myths, and theories surrounding the infamous trials which led to the deaths of 24 people. Often history books are quite difficult to sift through, they usually use technical jargon and don't engage with the facts they are… Continue reading Dual Book Review: Witch-Hunt & Wicca Elemental Magic