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Bucket List: Empire State Building

I have an entire section of my Bucket List dedicated to New York, and most of it is typical tourist things, such as See the Lion King on Broadway , and go to Radio City . Of course, no typical tourist trip to New York is complete without paying a visit to the Empire State… Continue reading Bucket List: Empire State Building

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Bucket List: The Lion King on Broadway

The Lion King has been my favourite movie for as long as I can remember. So for a very long time I've wanted to see it on Broadway. Thankfully, my 2018 could not have gotten a better start as I was able to see it in New York recently. Obviously as one of the worlds… Continue reading Bucket List: The Lion King on Broadway


Can we be seventeen?

The first, last, and hopefully not only, time in my life I was truly happy was when I was seventeen. That's not to say I've been miserable for four years straight. I've had bad patches in that time, but for most of it I have been content. A teacher in school once said that you… Continue reading Can we be seventeen?

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Bucket List: Chinese Lantern

I've always wanted to set of a Chinese Lantern. I know it's a very small, maybe even mundane, experience, but was still up there on my list of things I want to do before I die. I think setting off a Chinese lantern is probably the most generic white girl bucket list item! I only… Continue reading Bucket List: Chinese Lantern