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Warning: Eating disorders will be discussed in this post The past few Easter's have been very stressful for me. In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday I would engage in more eating disorder practices. If I asked for no Easter eggs people would be like "don't be ridiculous, a bit of chocolate wont kill… Continue reading Pro-chocolate

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Book Review: Asking for It

I don't even know how to begin writing this because I'm still in awe from this book. Asking for It, by Louise O'Neill, is hands down the most important and impactful book I have ever read. * This is a warning for anyone who is sensitive to topics such as sexual assaultĀ and rape to stop… Continue reading Book Review: Asking for It

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Why 13 Reasons is…

Warning: Suicide, and mental illness such as depression and anxiety will be discussed in this post. My Twitter and Facebook timelines have been covered in posts about 13 Reasons Why this week. I read the book when I was 15 and was conflicted. On one hand, I was happy that the issue of suicide in… Continue reading Why 13 Reasons is…