Mental Health

Eating Disorder Attacks

I don't know if anyone has ever described something like this before, a lot of people with eating disorders talk about their "eating disorder voice" telling them what they can/can't eat, I experience that too but I would describe this as an "eating disorder attack". It's not quite a panic attack, because instead of having… Continue reading Eating Disorder Attacks


Satire: Make America Great Again

This was a in-class exercise for my Feature Writing module but I'm proud of how it turned out so I decided to post it here. Enjoy! *** President Trump’s advisors warned him about going to his local barber down the street from Trump Tower, New York. The President was disinclined to take their advice, and… Continue reading Satire: Make America Great Again


Cruelty free make-up

I wrote this over on my other blog about veganism & vegetarianism and thought I'd share it here too. Animal testing is so unnecessary for cosmetics, most of the cruelty free make-up I have is actually better than what I used to use! Animal testing is something I think is highly unethical and also unnecessary… Continue reading Cruelty free make-up