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Bucket List: Hawaii


I have to go to Hawaii in my lifetime. I daydream about it so much that I decided if I must retire in my latter years, it’ll be to Hawaii or no deal. Of course, I already know what I want to do once I eventually get there – hopefully before the age of 65.

Relax on the beach:


Beaches in Ireland are not the most pleasant in the world; more often than not they’re freezing, it’s windy, and even in July you’re dressed like it’s the middle of winter. Hawaiian beaches are absolutely stunning and it has the warm tropical climate to match. Just imagine it, laying on the beach, getting a tan, drinking from a coconut? Sheer bliss.

Merrie Monarch Festival:

Hula girls dancing at the Merrie Monarch festival in Hawaii

This years Merrie Monarch festival is currently underway and I’m sitting on my couch at home. You can practically feel my envy. The week long festival was legacy of King David Kalākaua, who is acclaimed for his efforts in preserving and promoting the Polynesian traditions, language and culture. It’s not just a big hula competition as there’s also art fairs, hula shows, and a parade. Whenever I go to Hawaii, it’s going to be during this festival.


a fire dancer at a luao

Of course, anyone who visits Hawaii has dreams of attending a Luao. The traditional Laou was a feast followed by entertainment (dancing, music etc), hopefully I end up at a more authentic one than a staged tourist-y one.

Stairway to Heaven:

The stairway to heaven Hawaii

This actually looks what my vision of a stairway to heaven would look like, sure Jimmy Page may not be waiting at the top, but when I die I hope I see this! The view in the images are breath taking. Also known as the “Haiku stairs”, the stairway was built during World War 2 but was in danger of closing due to storm damage. The locals wanted to charge $100 dollars to tourists to climb it to be able to afford to preserve it, others suggested more modest prices. I don’t know where the situation stands now, but hopefully I get a chance to climb it.


A scenic hiking route in hawaii

I love hiking and going for walks, the Hawaiian landscape is so beautiful that it would be a shame not to! I got to fulfill my dreams of seeing a volcano in Lanzarote a few years ago, but I want to see Hawaii’s and everything else the islands have to offer.

Experience the culture:

a surfer

It’s always important to learn about and experience a place’s culture when you visit and I find the Polynesian culture deeply fascinating. I want to go to the farmers markets and try the traditional foods. There are a lot of rice and fish dishes, and a great deal more with names I know I will mispronounce. All of it sounds delicious. If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ll have noticed the abundance of fruit, so you’ll find me savouring the tropical fruits at the market stalls. I also,  want to learn the basics of hula and the Hawaiian language.

Kona Coffee:

lattes and palm trees, representation of kona coffee

Don’t be surprised to see coffee on this list, this is my blog after-all and I mention my love for it a bit too often. Kona coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Only coffee from the Kona districts can be called Kona coffee, and the  unique climate and rich soils from the volcanic landscape make the region perfect for the cultivation of coffee. Who knows, my coffee quest may evolve past college and I’ll take on a world wide coffee tour. (I can dream, can’t I?)

Edit: I caved and tried a variation of Kona coffee I ordered online, read all about it here.

Thank you for reading! Aloha!


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