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Bucket List: Hawaii

  I have to go to Hawaii in my lifetime. I daydream about it so much that I decided if I must retire in my latter years, it'll be to Hawaii or no deal. Of course, I already know what I want to do once I eventually get there - hopefully before the age of… Continue reading Bucket List: Hawaii

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Bucket List: Busking

I've wanted to go busking for a very long time now but never had the guts to do it. The people I see busking in town always seem to have a good time and it's nice to hear music on the streets. Yesterday I finally did it. I spent the past 2 weeks or so… Continue reading Bucket List: Busking

Book Reviews · Mental Health

Book Review: Me and my Mate Jeffery

Warning: this book and review discusses depression, anxiety, suicide, and self-harm.  After reading this book I feel like Niall Breslin (Bressie) is a close friend of mine; that's how open and raw it is. I also felt like I was reading my own life story. Obviously the events of my own life are worlds apart… Continue reading Book Review: Me and my Mate Jeffery

Book Reviews

Book Review: Procession of the Dead

I adored Darren Shan in my teenage years, to say I was obsessed with the Saga of Darren Shan would be an understatement and over 5 years later I don't believe I've recovered from The Demonata series. Unfortunately, as most of Shan's work is aimed at younger readers, I came to out grow it. However, all… Continue reading Book Review: Procession of the Dead

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Review: Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck

I've seen a lot of documentaries about Nirvana, I can't even remember what most of them were called but since Montage of Heck came out I've been meaning to watch it and finally got around to doing so. Kurt Cobain is notoriously portrayed as a tortured soul; this sensitive, despondent heroin addict who beneath his rock star… Continue reading Review: Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck

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Bucket List: Music

There are a lot of bands I want to see live, but there are also a few musical places I want to see too. Hopefully there will come a day when I can say I've been to all these! These are musical things to do before I die: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland,… Continue reading Bucket List: Music