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My Favourite Books

I don't like making lists of my favourite books, albums, songs, movies etc because they always fluctuate. Something always comes along that makes me think "Wait, this is amazing!" or I simply out grow what I once loved. There's also the fact that for a quite a substantial amount of time I didn't have a… Continue reading My Favourite Books


You have a time turner, what do you do?

If I was given a Time Turner from Harry Potter, and could use it for anything I know exactly what I'd do. When asked what I would do with the ability to time travel my mind automatically goes to music and all the artists I would see. Sure, there are things more beneficial to mankind one… Continue reading You have a time turner, what do you do?


Gig review: Kerrang! Tour

Last night I found myself in The Academy, Dublin for the first night of the Kerrang! Tour 2016. For someone who once had dreams of being a music journalist (now... not sure where I'll end up) it's a shame that my blog didn't have a music section, until now. The first support act, Biters, had… Continue reading Gig review: Kerrang! Tour

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Book Review: Notes from a Big Country

Another Bill Bryson review: This time he takes on his homeland of America after living in England for 20 years. After such a long time away Bryson feels like a stranger in his own country. This was adapted from weekly columns for the Mail on Sunday into one coherent novel so the chapters are short and… Continue reading Book Review: Notes from a Big Country