Book Reviews

Book Review: Needful Things

It's been a while since my last book review, college work and life have been preventing me from reading as much as I want to, but in a few more days I'm done with college for Christmas and then I can read to my heart's content! For me Stephen King is a fail safe author,… Continue reading Book Review: Needful Things

Bucket List

Bucket List: Harry Potter

To many the fact that I have a Harry Potter section of my Bucket List would not come as a surprise. I don't dare to imagine what my life would be like without Harry Potter because it's always been there. J.K. Rowling brought so much magic to my life and millions of the others around… Continue reading Bucket List: Harry Potter

Food & Drink

DIY Christmas Treats

I love Christmas, and I love eating healthy foods, but those two aren't exactly synonymous now are they? I don't exactly want to pack on the holiday pounds or go around feeling sick due to an overdose of sugar but I also don't want to deprive myself either. It's all about finding balance. It may… Continue reading DIY Christmas Treats