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Bucket List: Halloween

As I’ve stated before, I have a Bucket List, which may or may not be the most organised thing in my life. Halloween is my absolute favourite time of year, so naturally I have a section devised solely for Halloween. One side for costumes (I got to tick Veronica Sawyer from Heathers off this year) and the other for things to do and places to see before I die.

1. Spend Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts

witch house, salem ma

Notorious for the witch trials of the 17th Century, I think Salem is a must see for any Halloween enthusiast. Every year there’s a Halloween Ball, historical and ghost guided tours, a parade, film nights and loads more. I’m not sure if the Sanderson sisters will make an appearance, but you’d be guaranteed an unforgettable, and historically educational, Halloween.

2.  Visit Halloween Town in St Helen’s, Oregon

halloweentown, oregon

I adore Halloween Town, it’s always been a childhood favourite movie so imagine my excitement when I discovered that Oregon reconstructs the set every year. There are Halloween celebrations every weekend of October and a ceremony to light the Great Pumpkin in the city plaza. This year Kimberly J. Brown, who played Marnie, came to the Spirit of Halloween Festival. I’m not gonna lie, I was willing to sell my soul to go.

3. Disneyland during Spooky Season                                                                                                                      Halloween in Disneyland

I always want to go to Disneyland, but I especially want to go around Halloween. There’s a happy haunts tour, Mickeys Halloween Party, trick-or-treating, and photo opportunities with Disney’s greatest villains and spookiest characters. Who doesn’t want a picture with Jack Skellington!? I know this is childish, but my inner child is at it’s peak during the Halloween season. I’m not picky about the specific Disneyland/world for this one.

4. Go to a pumpkin patch

a pumpkin patch

While I believe Ireland does actually have Pumpkin Patches, this is more of an American tradition so I’ve never been to one. Here we generally just pick up the pumpkin at some point before Halloween in Tesco while buying groceries, so it’s not really special. I want to spend some time choosing which pumpkin I’m gonna gut instead of just throwing one into a trolley.

Edit: as of October 2018, I got to go to a pumpkin patch, read about it here.

5. Go to a Haunted House

a haunted house

Again, I’m pretty sure Ireland does actually have these, I’ve never gone to one. I may be a chicken shit and predict myself walking through the whole thing with my eyes shut, but I still want to experience a tour of a haunted house or mansion, all in the name of Halloween spirit of course.


Happy Halloween! I hope whoever reads this enjoys their day/night and stays safe. These are the “eventuallies” of my life, so hopefully one day I’ll get to write a blog about actually doing these things. Also, none of the pictures are mine (obviously).

4 thoughts on “Bucket List: Halloween

  1. I love these ideas! I’ve dreamed of going to Disneyland at Halloween for years, along with Salem. I think it’s awesome that Oregon recreates the set from Halloween Town each year! That’s something I’d like to see.


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